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Wait, what? Spring, already?

At Symmetry, we are thinking ahead to spring because we just signed on to again be aCommunity Partner for the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon next April!  Just like last year, we will be hosting a series of monthly cross training meet-ups for the Gazelle Girl runners.  Our goal is to help these gals get trained, toned and stay injury free.


With about six months to go, now is a great time to asses your goals for this race. Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time before you need to start building your mileage, but take a moment to think about what you want to achieve at the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.  Whether your goal is to complete your first half marathon, earn a PR, run injury free or perhaps just have fun, cross training and proper nutrition must be part of your training plan. That’s where Symmetry can help.  We are so looking forward to joining you on your fitness journey with the Gazelle Girl!

Before you get started, here’s a few of the top workout mistakes that I see and want to help you avoid once you start training.  I pulled this from the archives.  To read the full article with video, click here.


1.  Overdoing it – Often, when people find the inspiration to get fit, they tend to do too much too soon. Shifting from inactivity to intense exercise is stressful to your heart, lungs, muscles and joints, and it takes your body time to adjust to the increased load.  There are limits to how much stress the body can tolerate before it breaks down and risks injury.  Instead, start slow.  Gradually increase your exercise volume and intensity by about 10% per week over the course of a few weeks, and balance exercise with rest and recovery.

2.  Only doing Cardio – Many people, particularly women, believe the antiquated idea that cardio will make them slim and resistance training will make them bulky. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Studies suggest that as you increase your lean muscle mass, your body is able to burn up to 4x more calories while in a resting state, plus resistance training strengthens our bones, improves our posture and reduces the likelihood of injury.  Resistance training will help you become a better runner too!

3. Not understanding the role of nutrition – This is a BIG one.  After all, the workout is 1 hour of the day, and what you do with the other 23 hours is what truly makes the difference in your health and fitness.  Nutrition is important when exercising so that your body is able to endure your workout, recover from it, and get stronger.  Whether your goal is to gain strength, lose weight or improve running performance, nutrition will play a key role in your success.

4.  Not listening to your body – When exercising, it’s okay to feel discomfort.  However, you should never feel pain.  Recognize the difference between pushing yourself and hurting yourself.  If you’re in pain when exercising, there is something wrong and you should stop and seek out the assistance of a qualified personal trainer who can keep you moving safely.

5. Neglecting the warm-up and stretch. Jumping right into a vigorous workout without warming up puts you at risk for pulled or torn muscles.  Instead, take a few moments to warm up, using lower intensity movements that mimic the exercise you are about to perform (check out this video for examples)  Avoid static stretching during the warm-up and instead use dynamic or moving stretches.  Save the static stretches for the end of your workout.  Better yet, grab a foam roller and use that to warm up!

Again, we’re so excited to be hosting the Gazelle Girl meet-ups.  We had an awesome experience last year and met so many wonderful women!  Our meet-ups will begin in January, but if you want to get started sooner, you’re welcome to come see us at Symmetry and try out a few classes for free!

Hugs and shrugs,

– Kari

authored by Kari Stuart, NASM certified personal trainer and co-owner of Symmetry Training & Fitness