Train with us! Because running alone just isn’t as much fun.

By Cara Zerbel


It’s not often that I hear myself say out loud, “I can’t wait for winter,” but when winter brings the opportunity to hang out with your favorite running friends and meet even more to bring into this crazy fold, I can’t help but say it daily. With winter, comes Priority Health Run Camp, and that’s something worth celebrating.

Why Priority Health Run Camp? Let me count the ways… 

Encouragement: There is nothing like the bright, smiling faces that greet you when you check in, pound the pavement as you train and high five you when you finish. We all have friends who celebrate different accomplishments throughout our lives, but there is something special that happens when you are able to celebrate a distance milestone with someone who made the journey with you.

Challenge: The Gazelle Sports program coordinators have not only crafted a tried and true training program for each distance, but they have the expertise to adjust the program to fit your unique goals. Whether it is to tackle a distance for the first time or run it faster than you did last year, their job is about getting YOU through your best event.

Support: Each Saturday long run is supported with aid stations at regular routes on a clearly marked and vetted course. No need to guess which way to turn or how to get back – we will make sure you find your way. Even better, run campers have the opportunity to test and try all of the Gu flavors that will be out on the course on the morning of the event, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Yes, many women are able to get out of bed and run on a blustery January morning on their own, but with the friendships to be made, expertise to be shared and accomplishments to be celebrated, why not give Priority Health Run Camp a try! We have programs in Holland, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Northville.

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