I Train for the Charm!

In most of the races I do, I look for something unique. Last year, I participated in the Mitten Challenge, two marathons in a row, one in Wisconsin, one in Michigan, where you recieve a pair of mittens as part of your prize. Races like Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.  not only offer great race atmosphere, but they offer some pretty cool bling.
And that is why, day after day, mile after mile, I train for the charm. It’s a beautiful and unique reason to train for and finish the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.
For me, they’ve become something to collect now. Gazelle Girl was my first half marathon, and I wore that charm around my neck proudly for at least the next month, taking it off only to sleep and shower. I then participated the second year, and the third, each time adding a new charm to my chain.
They’re something easy to wear. In any other race, you can wear the medal for a few hours to a day after, and then what? It gets hung on a peg in your home or placed in a drawer or left out of sight, not to be thought of again for quite some time. I’m not against normal medals, as mentioned before, there are some races out there with some pretty cool bling – but with the charms, you can wear them frequently. They are unobtrusive worn as a necklace. A reminder of race day feelings, of what it’s like to cross that finish line. Something to be proudly worn and displayed on one’s person. Often commented upon by others.
At the end of the day, I am motivated by grit, determination, and the desire to earn something unique. Each year the charms are different, and this year’s is soon to be unvailed. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what I’m training to earn this year!
-Allison Land