Gazelle Girl Zero Waste Initiative

We are proud to announce that for the fourth year in a row we are striving for a sustainable event! This means that we are making an active effort to strive for the most sustainable economic, social, and environmental best practices. We are committed to setting a notable example and have a vision of a world where responsibly produced sporting events are the norm. We have enlisted the help of Grand Valley State University and the City of Grand Rapids and have a plan to reachour goal!

Zero Waste – What’s it all about?

Being a zero waste event means we strive to minimize our environmental impact and send as little as we can to the landfill. In the last two years we have only sent around 25 pounds of waste to the landfill! We keep things out of the landfill by recycling, composting, donating, and reusing items from the race. We know these efforts can be overwhelming so we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you on race day.

Tip #1 – TerraCycle

Keep your foil-lined energy bar wrappers and GU packets! In the last two years we have saved over 14,000 wrappers and packets just from race day and this year we want your help! One of the cool things we have done the last two years after the race is send our energy bar wrappers and GU gel packets to a company called TerraCycle. TerraCycle repurposes energy bar wrappers and all kinds of other hard to manage items that would normally end up in the trash. Any foil-lined energy bar wrapper (ALL brands accepted including: Nutri-Grain, Clif, Meijer, Nature Valley, Larabar, Special K, etc) can be collected. Just collect and keep them in a grocery bag or shoe box and bring them to the next Gazelle Girl meet up or to the Expotique before race day! Our Gazelle Girls are the ones who help us make our zero waste efforts possible. Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned for additional ways you can help out on race day with our zero waste efforts!