Train with abandon…recover with red!

by Cherry Bay Orchards, Gazelle Girl Sponsor

The stats say it all.  From 1990 to 2013, running event finishers has grown 300%, and for a good reason!  Running is not only an affordable way to exercise, but one of the most efficient ways to improve your physical and mental state!

Lately, running seems to be as popular as ever and has become an all-inclusive sport. Those who once thought they couldn’t run, have taken a new prospective.

With this tremendous amount of growth and interest surrounding running, there is also an increasing demand to learn more about the nutritional and recovery aspect of the sport.  We have all found ourselves asking questions like:  What training schedule do I use?  What do I eat during training?  How do I manage pain? And what can I drink to recover faster?

Elite athletes and “weekend warriors” alike have taken solace in the natural recovery benefits of the Montmorency Tart Cherry.  More popularly known to ease the pain and inflammation of gout and arthritis sufferers, the Montmorency Tart Cherry is emerging as a superstar in the recovery arena too!

Montmorency Tart Cherries are holding their own in the recovery category and are gaining traction for those seeking an all-natural way to manage inflammation and recover faster.  Not only do they help you feel better, but they help you get back out to continue your training and exercise regimen, too.

Take a look at the evidence:  there are over 50 studies exploring the potential benefits of the Montmorency varietal, ranging from inflammation relief and exercise recovery to less muscle damage and improved sleep.

What can you do to recover with RED?  Visit to order your favorite Cherry Bay Orchards’ Montmorency Tart Cherry Products and take the 7-Day Tart Cherry Juice Challenge below:

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