Charity Partner Spotlight: GROW + WANNABE

GROW is one of our charity partners. They provide education, connections and resources that create and strengthen women-owned businesses. Check out WANNABE, a business that GROW helped…well, grow!! WANNABE is also partnering with us on some upcoming events. 

At WANNABE, we believe in the everyday female athlete. We believe in the struggle, the sweaty work, the I-don’t-feel-like-doing-this-right-now-but-I’ll-do-it anyway attitude that it takes to be your best. We celebrate total champions with real bodies, real hustle, and real team. Our functional protein blends are a high-five to every woman who hustles to play bigger, be healthier, and live louder.

WANNABE aims to reshape how women talk to each other and themselves about their bodies and their health. We’re about whole-body health, which means defining health and fitness in ways that are more dynamic than a number on a scale. Our products and programs are designed to transform how you move, how you motivate, how you feel inside and out, and how you see yourself in this wild and gawgeous world.

Our products and programs are made with care and integrity. Always. From the ingredients we select for our functional protein blends to how those ingredients are grown to the research we use that supports our recommendations on how to properly train and fuel your body. You don’t take shortcuts and neither do we.

Along the way, as we grew our brand, we’ve been SO lucky to work with GROW, one of the charity partners of Gazelle Girl. Our founder, Sara, attended the GROW + Women’s Foundation EmpowerHerconference, where she says the powerhouse speakers made her believe she could create something from nothing – and helped empower her to start WANNABE. To this day, the leadership of WANNABE leans into GROW for classes, assistance with planning, and help in problem solving.