Starting Over, Rising Up, Raising Others

First ever blog post. I hope to do more of these as we make our way to race day 2019. I don’t want to say how many or how often. It took a lot of gumption to create this one. Sharing your life in written word is emotional to say the least.

May I invite you to join me in a place of gratitude, strength, and an inner satisfaction I have not felt this deeply in a while. You see, I have been injured since the weekend that followed Gazelle Girl this past spring. I have been reminded what it feels like to start over, allow community to encourage and uplift me, and to encourage others from the sidelines. I have seen again the effort required to start over and the emotion of race day through the footsteps of those around me and harder so, my beginning again. It doesn’t happen alone-this thing we call race day.

It’s volunteers, race committee members, family, friends, and countless organizations and sponsors. We truly are better together. I crossed another finish line. Once again healthy, thanks to partner Metro Health Sports Medicine, I was able to knock out another 13.1. As well as the having the support of a very dear friend who held a silent knowing of what it meant for me to be back again in this event distance and captured the moment. Thank you to those that participated in that moment and the moments and miles leading up to it. It was hard. There was anger and tears in some of those training runs. You know the kind you experience when it doesn’t feel good but you find the strength to press on. There were the little wins -5k, then 10k, and a few more before I believed I was ready to up the mileage marker. (And why wouldn’t you do that by running Ragnar? It would be fun they said… seriously though, thank you to 11 amazing Gazelle Girl ambassadors that joined me! It was an unforgettable experience.) Community is how this thing gets done.

Find yours. Girls on the Run, YWCA, GROW, and the Gazelle Sports Foundation are good places to start each hosting teams to run with, as our official Gazelle Girl Charity partners. Bonus – you raise funds to impact our larger community while creating yours. We also have six new organizations also offering teams to run with (Read more about that here!).

It’s not just about raising funds. It’s about raising each other up in good and bad times and after a great training run or bad training run. It’s about standing in the gap and being the bridge to challenges large and small. This year my word has become “humanity”. We all have it. Show up for something or for someone. Our world and our community needs you to desperately.

May you encourage and uplift those around you, and see you April 14, 2019 for the 7th running of the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon event.

In humble gratitude,
Holly Visser
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon Co-Director
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