Announcing our partnership with Mirna Valerio!

The holiday season can be tricky. Cocktails and cookies at every turn, while mass marketing tells us it’s okay because New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner and gyms will soon be offering their best deals to get us back on track.

I am reading a book right now authored by ultra distance runner, Mirna Valerio titled, Beautiful Work in Progress.

Isn’t that what we all are?

  • Working to improve our lives in varied ways; in our careers, at home and in our health.
  • Making choices between good food that nourishes or an extra slice of Grandma’s Christmas bread and calorie laden cocktails.
  • A decision to workout or hop on Netflix 

A progression always starts with the decision to begin. This is often the toughest part of the process. A run on a cold snowy morning after the alarm goes off at O’ dark thirty? It is the first step in training to progress in speed or distance. Training to become a better version of ourselves, wherever we are along the way.

I am reminded of why we first began this thing… a group of us gathered to discuss if women would support and invest their time and training for an all female running event. After a resounding yes- Gazelle Girl was born! Just like Edith Green pushing forward a place in athletics for women, in 1972, with the passing of Title IX. We have come a long way since then. Women are smashing records and pushing boundaries.

However, there is much progress to be made and Mirna Valerio is speaking out. Mirna is an advocate for women to believe they can and challenging what people think about women in fitness.

We are excited to welcome Mirna to the 7th year of the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.

Read more about Mirna and her most recent accomplishment here:

Mirna will be participating with us in the following ways:

  • Supporting our Gazelle Girl 5k/10k Run Camp with two exclusive Zoom chats
  • Running the course preview March 16, 2019 with an exclusive Run Camp event to follow.
  • Speaking at our Gazelle Girl Charity Benefit dinner Friday April 12 to kick off Gazelle Girl race weekend.
  • Running along us on our brand new Gazelle Girl Half Marathon course April 14, 2019.

Myself and the entire Gazelle Girl community are excited to welcome Mirna to Grand Rapids!

Haven’t registered to run Gazelle Girl 2019 yet? Sign up for our all women’s 5k/10k run camp, get up close and personal with Mirna and start smashing your own personal goals!

From one beautiful work in progress to another,

Holly Visser
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon