Exciting news from the Amway River Bank Run!

Happy 2019 Gazelle Girls!!

This year we have special news about the 2019 Amway River Bank Road Warrior Team!!

We are so excited to tell you that we have a team of all women this year and they are ALL running the 25K. Having an all women team like this has never happened before. So, we truly are excited to be partnered with Gazelle Girl in more ways then one this year. We get to celebrate being strong women who love to run, motivate and inspire each other, while sharing the journey!

The 2019 Road Warriors will be participating in the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon and the Amway River Bank Run 25k. Each Road Warrior will be earning themselves a Double Down Medal! Come on Ladies, who doesn’t love to run for some cool bling!!

Come join the fun, mix up your races at both events or run the Half Marathon and 25K. Either way you will meet some new fabulous people, add to your story, and earn new bling! Everyone of us has a different reason we get out and move. Some for health, fun, honor, love of the community surrounding them, or just because they can and will!

Save the dates, mark your calendars or register today!!! The Amway River Bank Road Warriors will be there start to finish!! Let’s do this!!

Gazelle Girl 5k, 10k, Half Marathon – April 14th, 2019

Amway River Bank Run 5k, 10k, 25k – May 11th, 2019