We go again.

We go again.
•In relationships
•In training
•In anything worth having
•In all the the things a new year brings.

It’s a clumsy start. It’s an overwhelming sense of effort. The going again.

Whatever your intentions for 2019: whether it is to run a fast half marathon or to try running again after a hiatus, there is a choosing to go again.

Once you make that choice, I challenge you to seek out accountability to stay on track.
People who will push you when necessary, and show up in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps dressed like an Eskimo just like you to run, or at the end of the day when it could be easy to skip it and try again tomorrow.

Gazelle Sports Run Camp is a great way to make sure you show up and do the hard physical work …and the bonus? Friends.
Friends like family.
The friends you make along the way will become those people who push you to greater things, to have those hard challenging conversations with your boss or with a loved one, and when you’re tempted to give up and quit they’ll run that extra mile with you!

This training season our all women’s 5K and 10K groups will have an additional cheerleader and friend. Merrell brand Ambassador will be checking in on the group along the way and running alongside of us for during the course preview and practice on Sunday, March 1y. After the run, Mirna will join our Run Campers for an exclusive brunch to share stories, refresh, and enjoy good company. If you haven’t signed up for our Women’s Only 5k and 10k training program yet there is still time! We are #bettertogether.

Maybe you’ve already signed up for the long distance group or have your own tribe of strong women in your community for support. You can still join us to celebrate the training journey and kick off Gazelle Girl race weekend Friday April 12, 2019 with a charity dinner event hosted at Aquinas College featuring Merrell brand Ambassador Mirna Valerio. Be sure to save the date and plan to be in Grand Rapids Friday evening!

We will “get up and go” again Saturday April 13, 2019 with a day full of wonderful opportunities for fun, the Expotique experience, an opportunity to get familiar with the course in partnership with the Kent District Libraries, and explore all our city has to offer. Stay tuned for further information on that!

May you go wholeheartedly as you “go again” into a brand new year.

Find your tribe!

Holly Visser
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon