Journeys & Sparkles


Kimberly Barnes

2020 Pacing Coordinator

How did I get here? 

There are events and people in our lives that touch us in important ways. It doesn’t make sense at the time.  That is what the Gazelle Girl race, as well asthe people I’ve met through Gazelle Sports has done for me! 

The first race I participated in I was lucky enough to get a transferred bib and made it in. I remember feeling liberated running with so many women, only women, in the craziest conditions.  It felt epic.It was EPIC!  I was hooked!   

That race led to various “meet ups” and more Gazelle Girl races over the next couple years.  I loved meeting like-minded women like myself.  It gave me a slice of sanity.  It gave me a slice of something I could own as mine.  I also felt scared and started to question myself. 

Insert GLITTER, yes you read that correctly!  Glitter. 

I started wearing glitter so that I had something else to talk about before running and while racing.  It reminded me “I get to do this.”  It also kept me from taking myself too seriously. Running and participating in those first few events quickly snowballed from there. More Gazelle Girl meet ups, more group training runs and participation in Sweat is My Sparkle. I just loved the name and I kept meeting more amazing women! 

Those adventures and chance meetings along the way inspired me to do more.  They opened conversations and ideas that led to my next chapter with Gazelle Girl.  What began as a volunteer to run with a group of young girls morphed into helping a bit “behind the scenes” and then participating as a Pacer in 2018.  Continuing on that path, I was given an opportunity to join the race staff in 2018.  This gave me the chance to be a Co-Coordinator for our Pacers in 2019. I’ve been blessed to do it again this year alongside Melissa Jachim.

I am excited to be a part of this amazing community of women building women up.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey here with Gazelle Girl.  When we meet I hope to bring a little sparkle and joy to your running journey!

Stay tuned to our FB page as we begin to introduce our 2020 Pacers.