Winds of Change

As I settled in to write I noticed the wind picking up. The winds of change – a phrase both literal and figurative. It’s that time of year when our training takes a turn into not-so-serious. We become less regimented on mileage and Saturday mornings are not quite as early. You’re never quite sure how dress from run to run, especially in Michigan, but we lace up anyway. We know often times, to be these runs that guide us through transition.

This can be as simple as adjusting to seasons of weather, or it can be the thing that holds us together through relationship trauma or job shift. What we can depend on is that everything changes- and the run will help us to take the “next best step” and the next and the next. This is the time of year I begin to contemplate next years goals according to the following categories:
Personal Development

I think this is the year I marry my physical and travel into one. I’ve always said I want to tackle the Great Wall of China marathon and I am not getting any younger. So I have begun to research and plan.

2019 has been a year of much change and I am choosing to use it as a fuel for the dreams we often talk about for lifetime but never come to realize. What about you? As the holidays come and go, what do you want to accomplish in 2020? In what areas do you hope for a shift, and what would it take for them to be achieved? Stop talking and start doing. Is this the year you PR your half marathon on the Gazelle Girl course? (May I mention that we have a great little cyber Monday deal to kick that off?) Maybe life has you down, depression is a thing that often gets shoved under the rug around the holidays when there seems an expectation to Joy. This year we are partnering with several key organizations to create space for this conversation… sign up to run w iUnderstand or Sole Sisters as charity runner, find out more about the Gazelle Sports Run camps so you don’t have to run alone, and save the date for the first ever Let’s Go Expo January 11 at the Grand Rapids Gazelle Sports location so you get the tools necessary at the beginning of your training to achieve those goals.

Make 2020 the year. The year you show up for you despite the winds of change (or just the very real chilly wind!) We hope the Gazelle Girl half marathon will be part of that plan and look for some fun items in store for the holidays to keep you inspired!
Big love,
Holly Visser
Gazelle Girl Co Race Director