Jacci Storey

Why did you chose to participate in SHE RUNS Grand Rapids?

It is a very empowering event. Every female who is on the line is there with a purpose. They run for a reason. It is a unified community that is there to support each other. It is really different than any other race.

What is your impact story? 

I’m a runner. I’ve run for more than 20 years. I ran 2 days after giving birth to my 2nd child and ran the day I gave birth to my 3rd child. Something happened to my back while giving birth to my 3rd child and I couldn’t move my left leg. Running was taken from me for months. I saw surgeons, therapists, and chiropractors yet no one knew what was wrong with my back. I couldn’t move and I began to lose who I was. I began to practice Yoga and a few days later, my back popped back into place—I ran that day. I had to work so hard to get back my lungs, my body, my speed. I did the SheRuns (formally Gazelle Girl) half marathon. While I stood on that line, I didn’t care what my pace was—I was so grateful to be able to RUN. I was grateful to be around all these women. I then wondered, who else has a triumph story in this race? I cried, tears of joy, because being a runner is who I am. I am grateful to run with my kids every day! I am grateful for my legs every day. I am a runner.