Karen Kayser

Why did you chose to participate in SHE RUNS Grand Rapids?

The Sisterhood I felt. We were all cheering each other on. I felt we were all connected no matter which race or walk we were.in. We kept encouraging each other to keep going. When I crossed the finish line, I cried with happiness, because we were all crossing the finish line.

What is your impact story?

I had just found out shortly before I entered my first ever 5k, as a senior citizen to, that I have Parkinson Disease. I was in the very early stage at that time. But I did it with the good Lord running beside me and all of us cheering each other on. It was a feeling of Sisterhood in this Gazelle Run. When I finished, and crossed the finish line I cried, I was so overwhelmed with feelings, so many feelings. Well when I read that Gazelle was going to be part of the SHE RUN I decided I’m going to do it again! I won’t be running this time due to the fact of being in the middle of stage 3 of Parkinson’s, I will walk the 5k with God and my little red walker over the finish line once again. It was the Sisterhood I felt then in my first race that brings me back to do it with all of them once again. Thank you for the blessing to be able to be part of this great day!