Team Leona

Why did you choose to participate in SHE RUNS? 

In 2016 Team Leona gathered around our mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and mother-in-law, to push her giggling in a wheelchair, along with her great grandchild –Mae Leona–in a stroller. As we crossed the finish line, the announcer made it official: at 92, Leona was first in her age group to cross the line! **

Not only had she never participated in a race of any kind before, she also had never imbibed in a celebratory Bloody Mary so early on a Sunday morning. But as she would say, there is first time for everything.

Sadly, Leona is no longer with us.  But all these years later, with a new great grandchild in the stroller, we are again running in her honor.  Go Team Leona!