To me running is like coffee…I’m much nicer after I’ve had one! It’s true! For a few years now running is what makes me (somewhat)normal. When life is hard, work is frustrating, and I feel like no one is listening, I can lace up my shoes and leave it all behind. For me running is individual and also social. The friendships I have made and strong women and men I have met from the experiences are what makes me come back race after race. Digging deep inside myself for those weekly runs, sticking to my schedule, my friends who text me and keep me on track, and my favorite Saturday long runs with people who’s goals are similar to mine.

To strive for more and more every year, runners are goal setters. Goals keep us going, they keep life exciting. They make us stronger people and stronger runners. Gazelle Girl is that for so many. It’s a goal many hope to achieve year after year, and for some their longest distance to date. Gazelle Girl is more than a race, it’s an experience. Women supporting women, we are the example. We set the bar. Let’s set it high and show em what we’re made of. Gazelle Girls are strong women who lift others. I am a Gazelle Girl.