I tell everyone I know, if you’re looking for a perfect half marathon the Gazelle Girl Half is by far the best! I am very proud to hold a title of a legacy runner with this race. I have run the half every year (and paced one) and each year it just gets better and better. I was never what you would consider an athlete but in 2008 after a devastating loss, a friend challenged me to train for a 5k with her. At this point I had never run for more than 10 seconds and the thought of 3.1 miles was terrifying! But I am a person that once she sets her mind to something I will do whatever I can to achieve it. That first 5k in 2009 was a definite challenge but I knew I was hooked to the sport of running.

Fast forward all these years and I still cannot believe all that I have accomplished. Now it’s time for me to continue to inspire and encourage other women and there is no better feeling than pacing. I have had the privilege to pace two other times and of all the finishes I’ve had it always is the most rewarding. I hope I can help be an ambassador to this great race and represent the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon in 2018!