My name is Lisa Baker, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2011. On July 1, 2015, after having lumpectomy, breast reduction, double mastectomy and reconstruction. I wanted to return to running after several years of Aliya Armstrong inviting me to her run group. I started training with my eye on my 1st 5K Metro Way at the end of July. I felt so accomplished to complete the 5K with a result of 39 minutes. I immediately called Aliya and shared my accomplishment. It was the beginning of my journal of setting a goal to complete 4 more 5k by November 1 my 50th birthday. I started running on Saturdays with the S.T.A.R.S, which turned into to meet ups during the week. My 10k training turned into training for my 1st ½ Marathon and international run in June 2016. My goal for wanting to be a pacer is to be role model for other breast cancer survivors and promote healthy living for girls, young adults and women of color.