I didn’t start running until 2015, and when I did, it was pretty scary. I had just lost a significant amount of weight, and decided that running should become part of my life. I trained during the Spring & Summer of 2015 and signed up to run the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon. It was incredibly hot, and I was not prepared. I ended up with an injury, so I hung my running shoes up and thought I’d never return. Well, in 2017, I got the “bug” again and decided I wanted to join a group and learn more about running so that I could hopefully prevent future injuries. I trained with KAR & Gazelle doing Summer Safari (after building up a mileage base). I started training with the half marathon group and converted to a marathon group. I successfully completed my first Marathon this year (Grand Rapids Marathon). I’m amazed at how much I love running, and all of the people that I’ve met along the way!