I grew up very athletic, playing every sport in the books, but never really knowing what it meant to be healthy. I was not a runner, nor did I like to run. After college I started running with some friends and found out that I really liked it, it made me feel healthy, I was good at it, and it gave me time to explore with my girl friends. After I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I signed up for a marathon 9 months after he was born. It was my motivation to get back into shape and it worked! Pushing a stroller and running long distances got me into better shape than I had ever been in before. After that, running became my “me” time and my time with my running friends became more important. It was our only time to connect regularly with out the distraction of kids or work. Now running is part of my life, like anything else. My children run with me and they have caught the bug! I loved pacing in 2016 and helping other women reach their goals and see their potential!