Hello, my name is Carol Reiss and I am blessed to have two fantastic kids (9th and 11th grade) and a wonderful husband, who is also my constant training partner. A cheerleader at heart, I love encouraging others and helping people to reach their goals. Running has taken me to the finish line of everything from 5k’s and marathons to triathlons. Some of my greatest athletic accomplishments have been running the Boston marathon and completing several half-iron distance triathlons. I am thankful, because I know these achievements would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of others! I’ve found pacing tends to bring out my inner “Jillian Michaels”. I get so excited when I see people working hard to meet their goals. You can be sure on race day, I’ll be the one cheering, hooting, and hollering for some very amazing women all the way to the finish line!