I always wanted to be a runner, but never had the motivation or drive. Once I started, with endless support from my running community, running became a lifestyle! After my first marathon, receiving a Boston qualifier, I signed up to for the 2013 Boston Marathon! Unfortunately, my experience there turned into a nightmare. Emotionally scarred, with PTSD, I had to rely on running peers for support. I signed up for races, no longer to compete and enjoy the thrill, but for exposure at the finish. Racing no longer brought joy, but panic attacks. In recent years, in order to try to overcome this, I have taken the focus off of competing, and put more energy towards helping others. Pacing both the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon and the Fifth Third River Bank Run the past years, has given me a new purpose for running – helping other runners reach their goals. I hope to share my support and enthusiasm, and make the race a great experience from start to finish!