Growing up I absolutely hated running. After college and finishing a competitive swimming career I found myself lost looking for a drive and motivation to stay healthy and in shape. I ran the gazelle girl 5k with friends and made the goal to run a half marathon the following year. During this 5k I was inspired! The gazelle girl community was outstanding! All these women running and cheering each other on, it was an awesome experience. That next year I began running consistently and found my passion and drive. In 2017 I ran my first gazelle girl half marathon and first half marathon ever. Again the event was an incredible experience. It was then I knew I was forever a gazelle girl. This was the community I wanted to be apart of and never leave. Being a pacer allows me to give back to this incredible community. There is no better feeling than helping other women cross the finish line and meet their goals. This race has a special place in my heart- I’ll see you at the finish line!